Xamarin Forms Alternating Rows for ListView

When building a new Android app with Xamarin Forms, I needed to create alternating color rows for a ListView. I quickly came across a posting that made the job easy, but there was a problem with it. It used a Grid layout, and defined the layout twice identically, except for the background color. The problemContinue reading “Xamarin Forms Alternating Rows for ListView”

Windows to Linux: More Tablet Frustrations

Since converting a Windows tablet directly to Android proved impossible, or at least so difficult as to not want to experience it again, I decided to pursue trying to convert the Windows tablet to Linux, and from Linux see what can be done to convert to Android. I stumbled onto Anbox as one possibility, soContinue reading “Windows to Linux: More Tablet Frustrations”

Installing Android on Windows Tablet: A World of Frustration

I have an old HP Stream 7 tablet that had Windows 10 on it. It was pretty much useless to me (Windows is kind of lousy for a mobile environment). I suppose I could have made use of apps from the Windows Store, but I was curious about converting the tablet to run Android instead.Continue reading “Installing Android on Windows Tablet: A World of Frustration”

Google Dynamic DNS Client

I found a need to automatically update the IP address for a dynamic domain set up through Google Domains. The Windows clients I could find seemed a bit confusing to use. Most charged a cost after a trial period. I found the specifications for the API for Google Domains and realized I could build myContinue reading “Google Dynamic DNS Client”